Cranach – The Early Years in Vienna

Oskar Reinhart Collection "Am Römerholz"
12 March to 12 June 2022

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna 21 June to 16 October 2022

The exhibition "Cranach – The Early Years in Vienna" in the Oskar Reinhart Collection " Am Römerholz" pays tribute to the artistic beginnings of Lucas Cranach the Elder for the first time together with the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. The artist, who came from Franconia, created his earliest known works around 1500 in Vienna. Their markedly expressive style clearly distinguishes them from the later courtly-elegant formal language that is considered typical of Cranach. Only a negligible number of works from the early artistic phase are known - the key works are now in Winterthur and Vienna and, supplemented by high-calibre loans, are the focus of the exhibition. The exhibition offers a uniquely comprehensive overview of Cranach's early work.