Museum and Family

Photo: Andri Kaufmann, Winterthur

By providing children and young people with a wide variety of activities we offer them new and exciting insights into the masterpieces in the Collection. Our aim is to introduce young visitors to art, and, at the same time, allow them to experience art at their own pace.The children’s’ workshop, which is open during our “strolling through art” events on Sundays and for children’s birthday parties, is an appealing and bright space, with views out over our rambling gardens. It allows children and young people to get to know the works in the Collection on the basis of all kinds of media, in ways that can be either playful or serious, and with the assistance of staff specially trained in art education. Young visitors to the museum are provided with a great opportunity to process and consolidate their impressions at the painting workshop, on stage, at the children’s library and at video projections. Additionally, through individual visits to the Children’s Audio Guide and the “Children’s Suitcase” kids have the opportunity to explore the museum completely by themselves.