Reopening of the Museum

In accordance with the guidelines of the federal and cantonal authorities related to Covid-19, the museum is open since Tuesday, March 2nd 2021, under the recommended hygiene and behaviour measures.

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The Oskar Reinhart Collection 'Am Römerholz' in Winterthur brings together some of the finest European art. While the main emphasis is on the masterworks of French painting from the nineteenth century, there are also outstanding examples of earlier art. It is one of the best collections of its kind - born of the enthusiasm of a single collector in the twentieth century, it is now in public ownership, but still housed in the collector's residence. The uniquely harmonious relationship between the collection and the villa - with its purpose-built picture gallery extension - gives the museum its special status as a small Gesamtkunstwerk.



An overview of the guided tours, workshops and events currently on offer can be found here


The Collection

Thanks to the donation of Oskar Reinhart, the collection now belongs to the Swiss Federation and is open to the public.


Opening Times

Closed Mondays

Tuesday till Sunday 10am - 5pm, Wednesday 10am – 8pm

The museum will be closed from 18 to 24 September 2021 for the construction of the special exhibition  «Courbet - Träume eines Realisten».



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