It’s snowing! The exhibition «The Miracle in the Snow – Pieter Bruegel the Elder» in the Oskar Reinhart Collection ‘Am Römerholz’ focuses on the first painting in European art that captured falling snowflakes. The Adoration of the Kings in the Snow is the single painting by Bruegel in Switzerland. Being one of the most important Flemish painters of the 16th century, Pieter Bruegel revolutionised art by his innovative thematic and pictorial solutions and became an inspiration for all subsequent generations of artists. Rarely displayed prints and recent technological discoveries try to trace the secret of his paintings’ enduring and fascinating immediacy. The cabinet exhibition was realised together with an international team of experts and is the result of a collaboration with the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.  



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Thanks to the donation of Oskar Reinhart, the collection now belongs to the Swiss Federation and is open to the public.


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