100 Masterworks from the Oskar Reinhart Collection ʻAm Römerholz̕ , Winterthur. Abridged Catalogue

Edited by Mariantonia Reinhard-Felice, Collection Oskar Reinhart ʻAm Römerholz ̓, for the Swiss Federal Office of Culture In English, French, German and Italian, Schwabe Verlag, Basle, 2008 ISBN 978-3-7965-2244-4

This publication is a more compact version of the complete catalogue of the Römerholz collection that was published in 2003 in German and in 2005 in English. It is intended for a wider readership and presents one hundred works from the Römerholz collection with short, accessible commentaries in four languages (German, English, French and Italian). These works, in diverse genres, are illustrated with full-page, coloured reproductions. The short commentaries were prepared in collaboration with the Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin, whose collection has many affinities with those of the Römerholz and the Museum Oskar Reinhart am Stadtgarten.

258 pages, 120 illustrations – of which 107 are in colour, soft cover with flaps
CHF 45.- (not including postage)

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